Filled fresh egg waffles

The team

A team of 24 people located in our 14 factories, out of which 12 senior product managers (7 years + experience) who are specialised in specific biscuit technologies, who can bring strong expertise from concept creation to full project launch. We follow a very efficient development process to guaranty innovative products with the best time to market. Innovation, being able to produce the best tasting biscuits with the most competitive cost, is what is driving our company spirit.

Biscuits with Spirulina and Chia


Nutrition is also at the heart of our priorities, our teams have developed a strong expertise in all aspects of « healthier » product: clean labelling, free from (sugar, palm, lactose, gluten…)

We have developed a nutritional mapping which will allow to analyse one, or a range of products in a specific category and be able to propose recipe improvements.

Organic range

Our expertise

Our R&D teams are based in the factories to work in close relation with Quality and Industrial to produce the best quality biscuits every day in a great variety of packaging formats.

All our factories carry out precise analysis to validate the product quality (Aw, Humidity, Shelf life …) and carry out release analysis for more specific technologies (Free from, Organic…). This will be adjusted depending on your needs.


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